Supervising heath and safety

CIEH Intermediate Certificate in Supervising Health & Safety

The requirement for good health and safety practices in the workplace is enforced by law, but it is also a responsibility shared by everyone. Business owners and managers must ensure that policies and procedures are in place to protect not only workers but also visitors to the premises.

Heath and Safety Course Information

Training Course Cost: £105 + VAT
Duration: 3 or 4 Day Programme
Assessment: Examination
Accredited: CIEH

Supervising Health and Safety training

'Supervising health and safety' combines a relevant training programme with a radically new and accessible training protocol. The examination is taken immediately at the end of the course as a traditional pencil and paper test. The course is aimed at Supervisors and first line managers.

These are some of the subjects addressed in the course

  • Concept of Health & Safety Accidents in the Workplace
  • Benefits of Health and Safety culture
  • Legal Provisions
  • Health & Safety Organisation & Management
  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals, supervisors and management in Health and Safety


Upon successful completion of the assessments, delegates will be awarded a CIEH Intermediate Certificate In Supervising Health & Safety